Welcome to Fintech Tuesdays

Fintech Tuesdays (FTT) is a grassroots community, the first of its type in the MENA region, focused on supporting the fintech & techfin startups in the region. We are currently present and focussed on the UAE Fintech/ Techfin ecosystem with a clear intent to expand across other key nations in the region over a period of time.

Our vision is to be the leading catalyst for fintech innovation in the region and work with the existing members of the ecosystem in a complementary and collaborative manner. We believe we are unique in the manner we have been conceived but our purpose is aligned to a number of other entities/ bodies in the wider ecosystem.

Our Mission is to inspire, unite and build the region’s most impactful FinTech community by fostering collaboration, driving inclusivity and providing access to capital.

FTT aims to inspire

The FTT Platform aims to inspire and unite the fintech community by championing collaboration, fostering inclusivity, and enabling access to capital.


We want to harness the collective power and strength of our rapidly growing, diverse community to achieve our goals.


With your help, we want to continue building the community further and delivering tangible outcomes.

Access To

We aim to enable and supporting Fintechs throughout their lifecycle from Early Stage to Exits and facilitate access to capital

Our Pillars and Objectives

Our long term objectives is to support the region in becoming a leading global hub for Fintech. Our initial focus will be on the following topics which are important in building a healthy fintech ecosystem:


Building and growing an open, inclusive and connected community

Start-up enablement

Enabling and Supporting Fintechs/ Techfins – Early Stage to Exits

Fintech-Incumbent collaboration

Strengthening Incumbent (FIs and Corporates) and Fintech Collaboration


Building bridges across new technologies shaping the future of financial services/ fintech

Upskilling and Career Growth

Upskilling and Reskilling the Workforce including creating a healthy and vibrant workforce and support members with their career growth

Diversity and Inclusivity

Achieving greater diversity in Fintech including greater representation of women in Fintech


Play a role of an advocate for the Fintech Community across the stakeholder groups involved in shaping the ecosystem